Below are a list of courses I have taught, with links to the most recent syllabus for each one.

Messiah University

– THEO 205: Introduction to Christian Theology (syllabus)

– THEO 211: Brethren in Christ Life and Thought (syllabus)

– THEO 217: The Wesleyan/Holiness Tradition (syllabus)

– RELI 342: Religious Pluralism in America (syllabus)

– RELI 355: Christianity in North America

– IDFY 101 & 102 (Honors): Give Peace a Chance: Explorations in the Christian Peace Tradition (syllabus)

– IDCR 151: Created & Called for Community [first-year core course] (syllabus)

– PACS 495: Peace and Conflict Studies Senior Seminar

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